Chasing Nature

Nobody enjoys the fact that it’s dark by 5pm. At the same time, it’s nice to take solace in the hot baths, the mulled wine, and the (usually) metaphorical hearth that you return home to during Winter. The season is a contradiction. Although bitterly cold to the point of unpleasant, its changes in light and in atmosphere are strangely invigorating. Today, I went happily outside wearing multiple layers to see what I could find in the park, idly supposing that there would be nothing interesting enough to warrant photography. As soon as I stepped through the gate I was faced with an amazingly sweet little squirrel, calmly gnawing its way through a decent-sized nut at the bottom of a beech tree. Fantastic!

My new friend seemed fearful of the press

As soon as I reached into my bag he turned, horrified, and tore up said tree at the speed of light. I danced around underneath, trigger finger poised, catching sight of him fleetingly in first one branch then another. A worthy adversary, he spotted me always at roughly the same moment, eventually melting away like a phantom. I scrolled through numerous blurry shots and – even worse! – shots of nothing but leaves. Yes, he was there in a couple. But nothing resembled a close-up. I looked back as I left. There he sat, high up in his beech, with a look at once cold and triumphant. You’ll have to get up earlier in the day, sunshine.

He seemed to be mocking me from on high

So dies the dream of Winter Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Maybe I should stick to things that are easier to capture?

An inanimate object, patiently posing for me


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5 responses to “Chasing Nature”

  1. Jemster says :

    Hehehehehe! This post made me laugh. It’s actually a good pic when you zoom in on the iPad! He/she looks so sweet with his/her wee hands clasped around the nut. So nice to see you let him/her live and didn’t drown him/her in a barrel……

  2. Geoff Mackenzie says :

    Hehehe, this gave me a chuckle too. I remember a friend once observed squirrels always work best if you imagine the Mission Impossible theme tune while watching them. πŸ˜€

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