Back to Nature

Although I admit to being a big fan of city centre rhythms, one of the best things about moving to Chorlton is definitely its proximity to some truly tranquil “Urban countryside”. A very short walk from our front door and, passing through the amazingly cute little conservation village of Chorltonville towards Chorlton Eees Nature Reserve and the Mersey Valley, here is what you can find:

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Woodland, meadows, grassland, a mosaic of meandering pathways and a variety of birds, fish and flowers…Chorlton Brook calmly flows by on its way upstream into the Mersey. A proper trip to Chorlton Water Park (which was a farm and water meadows until the 1950s) is definitely in order at some point. In the sunshine, it seems almost like another world: not a football fan in sight, yet still the police are on horseback…


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14 responses to “Back to Nature”

  1. Jemster says :

    It does look beautiful. A bit like that little place where we used to go walking together…Maybe you could take your notebook and sit there in the sun and write some of your own poetry…:-) Def way better all round than the student halls.

  2. Geoff says :

    Wow, that looks really pleasant πŸ˜€ Bit of a step up from where you were!

  3. Garth Simmons says :

    A little adventure I had in Chorlton Waterpark last year:

    There are some good car wrecks hiding under the veneer and a nice tramp bed too.


    • musingfrommanchester says :

      Okay, that’s really funny because I also wandered off the path and found myself feeling a bit like a kid on an adventure quest. There’s ALWAYS a gang hut. Amazing what you find in the woods, isn’t it? Love the car pics. πŸ™‚ x

      • Jemster says :

        Hope you didn’t have to run away from any “Killer Clowns”. Remember?? :-O

        • musingfrommanchester says :

          Hahaha. Vaguely. Did anyone ever actually SEE one? Hmm.

          • Jemster says :

            I def remember we all got a note home about it. (didn’t we?) They were going round in a van slashing kids, or was it abducting them?? I think….! Whenever we saw old mattresses and rubbish in the woods us and our wee pals would imagine it was the clowns lair and run screaming. Like our own make believe version of Stand By Me!! Lol. But seriously, that was pretty creepy and scary!!

  4. Jemster says :

    Lmao Kathleen!!! A fellow blogger remembers it all! This will make you rofl!! I told mum I hadn’t made it up!! Haha.

    Jenny x

    • musingfrommanchester says :

      I actually am laughing out loud! Hilarious. Thanks for that. Definitely connected to all those good old “video nasties” from that era. Definitely!

      • Jemster says :

        Hehehehe! Totally. Me too. πŸ˜€ Sooooo funny. It’s like sumthin Kevin Bridges would do a sketch about, am I right? Have added my memory to the comments on his site! Xx

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