It’s not just about your hat…

This weekend was spent in a by now all-too-familiar moving process. It goes more or less as follows:

  1. Hunt around in a panic for cardboard boxes. Find some. Overfill them. Try valiantly to re-tape them for the millionth time. They look as if they might crumble any second. Sit down exhausted. Decide I’ll have to start over.
  2. Realise that I am now in the midst of packing a ton weight of paperwork that I haven’t looked at for years and will no doubt never look at again. Start to pack into bin bags instead. New home: the dump. Do we really need 5-year old P60s?
  3. Remember that packing is an artform. Try to achieve a Zen-like state. That fails. Try to apply some combination of intuition and logic. Begin again, this time accompanied by a motivational soundtrack. After several hours, sit down exhausted.
  4. Find a volunteer willing to help lug everything down and up various flights of stairs in return for only a sandwich, some coffee, and the promise of a pint. Load up their vehicle to the point where its suspension is under threat. Sit down exhausted. [Football traffic near Old Trafford. Feels like we are in Istanbul].
  5. Arrive at unfamiliar destination. Humf everything out of car in the rain. Stack everything up Tetris-like in the hallway. Locate coffee machine. Naturally, it’s away down at the bottom. Prepare some extra strong coffee. Sit down exhausted.

My wee yellow "welcome" tulip admires the view

Okay, so it could be worse. Moving has become pretty much a matter of routine and it can even be kind of fun; especially at the unpacking and “Feng Shui” stages. These days, a lot of people my age are far from ready to commit to “the property ladder” or even settle in one place. We’re keen to travel and get new perspectives. When the census form comes around I really do struggle to remember all the places I’ve lived over the past decade! Not that my last place was bad – but finding somewhere that’s the right fit for you is never straightforward. There’s a huge difference between temporary accommodation and a temporary home. If you can find somewhere that’s the latter rather than the former, it really is like striking gold. Trying to fit everything in to my new room may have been like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube…and I may feel today like I had a work-out at the gym with no warm-up…but with some good friends around to help me move and get settled (well, I’m now living with one of them!) it definitely feels like a step upwards as well as onwards. 🙂


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4 responses to “It’s not just about your hat…”

  1. rey says :

    I used to play Eye of the Tiger before finals, haha. How’s your new home?

    • musingfrommanchester says :

      Hi there! My new home is wonderful thanks. The room is a wee bit small but Chorlton is like another world compared to the Northern Quarter! It has trees and a river and everything! 😀

  2. viviennemackie says :

    Love your post about moving—always a bot of a thing. Also so true about realizing we have waaaay too much stuff, especially old papers!

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