Drinkable Roses

I went for the first time this weekend to Teacup, a cute and lively little tearoom/café in the Northern Quarter, owned by local DJ and cartoonist Mr Scruff and his manager, only 5 minutes from where I stay. The assortment of loose leaf, herbal, flower and fruit teas, generously portioned cakes, and comforting (poached eggs, bagels) or exotic (falafel, houmous, halloumi) lunches on offer made choosing difficult! When it arrived, the tea set was reminiscent of some kind of enchanted Alice-in-Wonderland scene. Stored in bright pots, with china or glass cups and bowls for serving, rainbow-coloured egg timers make sure you pour at exactly the right moment. Not a cheap place but worth it if you don’t mind getting rid of a fiver; and Spring is nearly here so it’s a nice chance to start sitting outside again.

The Teacup tea set makes you want one of your own!

The rose flavoured tea reminded me of those perfumes you used to try and make as a kid, mixing water and petals together in a futile attempt to devise a “signature scent”. All I can say is that the technique works a lot better for beverages!


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6 responses to “Drinkable Roses”

  1. Jemster says :

    Are egg timers to time your tea pouring by called tea timers? Haha. That made me laugh! Never heard of that before! A very happy unbirthday to you! Xx

  2. Alana says :

    Aaaah, you have a way with words me lady! Xx

  3. Beccy says :

    Have you tried Home Sweet Home and Sugar Junction, also in the NQ? They’re my faves (when I get my arse out of the Southern Quarter). x

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