I don’t know much about ornithology or birdwatching (although strangely I do remember carrying around a Bill Oddie birdspotting/colouring book at some point during my childhood and consequently being able to startle bored classmates with my knowledge of Oystercatchers on school trips to the coast). Anyway, who wouldn’t be cheered up on a cold, misty day at the sight of two lovely grey and black geese (you can blame Bill if I have misidentified!) chasing two others aggressively down the street for no apparent reason other than fun? Maybe they’re the neds of the geese world.

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These pictures were taken last weekend at a very atmospheric Salford Quays (sadly the two victims had made their terrified exit by the time I got my camera ready; this pair are the cheeky aggressors). In the third shot, you can see just how high the lift bridge – designed by prolific Spanish bridge architect Carlos Fernández Casado, she even has a little-known sister in Plentzia – goes in around three minutes. The 95m long bridge reaches its full 18 metres almost silently and apparently it’s unusual to see it raised at all at this time of year. I’m not sure why it went so high since the boats passing by certainly didn’t need that much room. Maybe it was some sort of a test? Anyway, everyone down below in the mist was excited to see it and I wasn’t the only one taking photos. The pedestrians who walk over the bridge when it’s just a wee bit lower down were more than happy to wait for it!


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12 responses to “Birdwatching”

  1. Jemster says :

    Awww. They’re so cute! Your binoculars and knitted jumper are in the post! Haha.

  2. Brenda Menzies says :

    I had a look at Google images of geese, and think that they are Canada Geese which have migrated for our warmer winters. They were probably questioning their judgement last weekend in the fog and bitter cold!

  3. Jemster says :

    Since they are in Manchester I think you should name the geese Noel and Liam! Up for a fight. “Mad fer it our kid”!!

  4. Jemster says :

    From Southpark!! That’s such a blast from the past! Lol.

  5. Garth Simmons says :

    The other day we were feeding some Naan bread to the ducks at Willowpool Garden Centre and all the alpha male ducks suddenly started attacking one another – there was one point when two drakes were attacking one another on the water whilst stood on the top of a lady duck whose head was forced under the water… it was dead scary and was worried that I would have some ducks’ deaths on my conscience…. they are right viscious and territorial birds.

    Also have a look at these lovely prehistoric birds…

    • musingfrommanchester says :

      A good naan bread does have that effect. I’ve behaved the same way myself in Indian restaurants now and then. 😀 Those pictures are great, thanks. Guess there’s still far more of the vicious dinosaur in them than we realise!

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