Back in my New Home City

Where city travel is free...and a little bit greener

Back in Manchester at last after a long and relaxing Winter break. Call me crazy – or just a nerd – but I am actually looking forward to getting stuck into my work again! I feel (slightly) bad for neglecting it this long; although naturally enough some renewed energy is often just what a project needs. 🙂

It’s a lot brighter and calmer down here than in Scotland, which was unfortunately hit by some of the worst weather in recent memory. On a happier note, the incredible gale force winds blowing around this week do offer some good news: to the country’s wind turbine fans – among which, by the way, I number. Yes! I would happily have one of these elegant, loud, and beautifully engineered functional sculptures in my backyard. Wouldn’t you?

In other news: over the holiday, I was excited to get a glimpse of the beautiful Onswipe and WordPress theme (designed to be “app-like” and touch-screen specific) that is now applied to WordPress blogs by default when they’re viewed on an iPad. Thanks for pointing that out, Jemster!


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5 responses to “Back in my New Home City”

  1. em says :

    good to hear you’re back! you know, this is the year it all will happen…

  2. Jemster says :

    No bother! It does look so cool in the iPad Onswipe format doesn’t it? I do have one complaint though. It’s actually quite difficult to use as it’s very hard to get the swipe feature to respond! It took me ages to get past the home page and into the main content of the site and I was then unable to ‘scroll’ up and down the pages easily. It’s also rather awkward trying to highlight and edit text when typing comments, although this is prob more to do with the iPad keyboard rather than the website. I hope they get these issues sorted as it does look lovely. But I think I’ll end up going back to using my regular computer. I think this might be a case of form over function? Sorry to sound negative, but I was just disappointed after my initial reaction of awe on seeing the new format! X

    • musingfrommanchester says :

      Hmm. Maybe it’s still a work in progress? What a shame there are issues with it, it really does look lovely. Still, not having any tablets or touchscreen devices myself, maybe I’m just easily impressed? 😀 There are plenty of similar themes and apps out there for looking at websites and blogs, maybe you could find a better one to use?

  3. Jemster says :

    Update – thought I’d let you know that the iPad Onswipe version of this site is now working really well. The problems seem to have fixed themselves! Yay!

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