So this is Christmas…

…and while, sadly, War still isn’t over, at least I can report that the atmosphere at Manchester’s wonderful Christmas Markets, which opened this week, is one of peace, happiness, and genuine “good cheer”. Lots of food from around Western Europe; many flavours of delicious mulled wine; artisan glassware; sweets; wooden decorations; and tonight (for one night only) a fabulous vintage clothing and accessories fair, hosted in Manchester’s Town Hall.

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These markets are fantastic because without any pretension and without any slick PR campaign trying to guide people’s perceptions they draw a diverse crowd of people to enjoy an unusual and value-for-money combination of “commerce” (though somehow it doesn’t feel like it) and socialising in a makeshift market community.


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7 responses to “So this is Christmas…”

  1. Garth Simmons says :

    They do it every year – I usually buy all my christmas presents from there because there’s a lot of unique stuff that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else – after being there once you do start to recognise that it’s the same people selling stuff every year but it’s still a lovely thing to go to. Thanks for commenting on my blog by the way – have been off the internet for the past few weeks so have been rubbish.

    • musingfrommanchester says :

      Totally! Am planning to do lots of my Xmas shopping there for sure! 😀 Loads more stalls I haven’t even seen yet. And worth it just for the speciality cheeses. Hope your blog will get updated with some new artworks soon! Excellent stuff!

  2. Brenda Menzies says :

    It all looks very tempting! Have you considered a career in photography?

  3. Jemster says :

    That looks fab! Is that one of the Cheeky Girls in the clothes shop? Lol. x

  4. Jemster says :

    But she DOES look just like them right?! x

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