The Sky Lights Up Early

The pumpkins haven’t even been carved yet and Christmas lights are going up around the city centre. Still, even walking back through October rain their sparkle and glitter makes me smile. I suppose it must take time to sort out all that wiring.

Somehow our usual sense of space, place and time changes, when it gets toward November. Even people with no umbrellas seemed fairly relaxed amidst the downpour.


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2 responses to “The Sky Lights Up Early”

  1. em says :

    The Glow festival in Eindhoven is really an experience speaking of space, place and time. Through projection of artificial light, the city centre transforms to something completely different. Light, music and art interwoven play games with our perception.

    • musingfrommanchester says :

      Wow. I would absolutely love to see that, Em! I like “Phenomena” by Anne Bureau – it looks like a comfy seat disguised as a rubbish skip. šŸ™‚ Maybe you will come for a visit and see the (admittedly less impressive) Manchester lights? Thanks for your comment!

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