Media City’s Aeolian Cadences

A lovely day for late October and a lovely day to meet with an old friend from Glasgow (well, Northern Ireland actually, but let’s not split hairs). We first met during our long-ago Undergrad days at Glasgow Uni – which suddenly didn’t seem so very long ago after all. Naturally my being new to the city meant a good excuse to go exploring, so we headed away from the city centre into Salford, and down to the Quay to look around the undeniably beautiful Media City UK complex where the BBC, ITV, Salford University, and various start-up media companies (“Media Village”) will make, or are in the midst of making, new homes. Right now, the BBC make a very 21st-century impression while the ITV “quarter” is still a literal building site – meaning that Simon Cowell and Tracy Barlow grin unconvincingly out from their posters as if to distract us from the fact it’s JCBs behind them rather than sweeping, angular glass and metal.

A little bit like Glasgow’s Pacific Quay (where BBC Scotland and the Armadillo sit) in its aspirations to state-of-the-art waterside glamour and a combination of business, creative industry, and apartments, it’s far grander, much more spacious, and infinitely more interesting to photograph. No matter which direction you look in, you are guaranteed to find a good shot.1 Media City may have “installed enough fibre to stretch from Salford to Sydney” to cater to the “bandwidth-hungry requirements of the media industry”, but it really does feel like a public space; especially with the Lowry Arts Centre and the Imperial War Museum North also on its banks. Everyone can wander around and enjoy the landscaped park, the piazza, and the bridges that cross the river. Near the BBC building, a temporary sound sculpture (or, if you like, “an acoustic wind pavilion”) called “Aeolus”  made delicate and almost harmonic sounds in accordance with the movement of gentle winds. The installation captures the music of Salford’s breezes via a combination of strings and amplifying tubes. You can hear it here, at the website of Luke Jarram, the artist who designed it in collaboration with acoustic scientists at Salford University and Southampton University.

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Still, the Media City UK complex has not been without controversies. It has brought about a certain (probably inevitable) amount of “upheaval” and some political wrangling both within the BBC, and with the institution’s favourite sparring partner, Westminster. Some question the justification for moving operations all the way up North from London. There has also been criticism about the pretty exorbitant cost to Salford University of moving its media students there. I guess that over time, we will find out if the “vision” can become part of a successful reality. As one overheard passerby, on his way back from Manchester City’s resounding victory over Man U at Old Trafford, commented to a friend: “Just so long as they [the BBC] keep charging us the same license fee”. Sadly, it’s doubtful that Salford University will be able to charge its students the same tuition fees as previously when they undertake studies on the site.

I can’t find anything to criticise about my experience today of the place in terms of its design and use of space. I had a great time looking around. Hopefully it will remain accessible to everyone and not become upmarket to the point of ultra-exclusivity as business gets properly underway.

Well, I hope you’ll agree! p.s. can’t promise any prizes but let me know in the comments if you appreciate the Beatles reference. 😉


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8 responses to “Media City’s Aeolian Cadences”

  1. Jemster says :

    Wow – great photos! It looks stunning. I love the idea of the ‘acoustic wind pavillion’ even if I didn’t understand a word of the scientific explanation on the artist’s webiste about how it works! It looks and sounds great – that’s the main thing! Lol. Can you tell us more about the glowing orange underpass? It looks cool. Another up side of the development is that you will be bumping into lots more celebs soon! Haha.

  2. Geoff says :

    Wow, Aeolus is a thing of beauty! I really want to experience it up close, the recording sounds great. Also, +1 to Jemster’s ‘great photos’ comment – they really are excellent 🙂

  3. Jemster says :

    Do they mean ‘Embarrassing Bodies’? (The channel 4 show?) Am sure you will bump into a few more proper celebs soon. Maybe even some Man U footballers, instead of the Celtic players you used to serve in Safeway on Byers Road!

  4. Jemster says :

    Btw, about the title of this post – “I have no idea what aeolian cadences are……..they sound like exotic birds” ;-)) Wheres my prize? Thanks google!

  5. Jemster says :

    Oh God, I’m getting a headache just trying to understand that article. I’m away for a lie down! x

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