Let Them Eat Cake…

It’s great fun – but also quite challenging – figuring out how to combine being a bookworm with getting to know Manchester and enjoying a surprisingly active social life. The weekend was divided between reading up on German and French philosophers, trying to understand their politics and the implications of their theories in terms of democracy, critique, and subjectivity – and meeting new friends.

I haven’t explored outside the city centre much so far but got a chance to see a little more of the place on my way to meet Clare (who is doing her M.A. at MMU on Spanish cinema, feminism, and in particular depictions on-screen of Juana la Loca) and her husband John (an EFL teacher) in order to celebrate the Christening of their beautiful daughter Thea. This meant taking the bus out to a town in Greater Manchester called Urmston. I had to pay my bus fare for a change, but enjoyed looking out through the grey rain as the city gave way to the suburbs, lines of trees, and a sense of seclusion. Clare and John (plus extended family) were the perfect hosts and I left not only well fed but also clutching a box of delicious handmade cupcakes.1

Well, I’m sure that even the greatest minds took some time out to enjoy cake now and then. As Nietzsche wrote:

I have seen this with my own eyes: gifted natures with a generous and free disposition, “read to ruin” in their thirties – merely matches that one has to strike to make them emit sparks – “thoughts”. Early in the morning, when day breaks, when all is fresh, in the dawn of one’s strength – to read a book at such a time is simply depraved! – Ecce Homo, 1881/1908

A cupcake at the moment before eating.


up1 Please note that I did take some gifts for Clare and Thea as well as eating half the buffet.


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