A New Home

Online, and in that much scarier place: the “real” world. A new home here in Manchester to start my PhD means a whole new environment for me – geographically, financially, intellectually…but only to a limited extent culturally. Glasgow (Scotland), where I was based until last week, is not exactly alien in relation to Northern England – as doubtless any Londoner would attest. One difference that is clear, mind you: here, if you fly a Union Jack, it does not necessarily mean you are a Rangers fan! Then again, you probably would be, if you really had to choose…

The Palace Hotel flies its flags on a Grade II listed building

Maybe my first poll will be The Buchanan Galleries vs. The Arndale Centre. Or how about The Wheel of Manchester versus The Science Centre Tower ? Interesting to know that there is a company specialising in “Tourist Attraction Wheels” world-wide (see the link above). Wouldn’t that have been a fun pitch on Dragons Den? Who could resist telling the Dragons: “I want £500,000 for 20 per cent equity, to reinvent the wheel” ?

Not sure what Glasgow would offer up against The Birdcage, a rather fabulous looking nightclub down the hill from where I’m staying…

Despite a pretty slow net connection, I hope to keep you posted at a decent enough (in non-bandwidth terms) speed! Comments are extremely welcome. The intention is for this to be a two-way rather than a one-way blog.


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10 responses to “A New Home”

  1. Jemster says :

    Hi ‘Musing from Manchester’! Here’s a link about the Glasgow Science Centre Tower. The diagram is really cool. It says that it is the height of 30 double decker buses and it’s the only building in the world that can rotate 360 degrees into the wind! Sadly it’s closed at the moment for maintenance work. I’ve been up it and I can tell you it’s AMAZING! But I can’t compare it to The Manchester Wheel cos I’ve not been there yet! 🙂

  2. Jemster says :

    A night time go on the wheel would be amazing! Maybe you could take some photos of the city and post it online for your readers!

  3. Jemster says :

    Great stuff. Looking forward to it!

  4. Ingo says :

    Welcome to the blogosphere and welcome to England. 🙂 I look forward to following your adventures in Manchester. But do you really consider starting a PhD the “real world”? Hm… 😉

    Good luck in your new home and for you PhD!

  5. Ana says :

    It’s that time of the night, and here I am…
    No, I haven’t read all of your posts, you’ll be relieved to hear! haha
    I just wanted to see when you started the blog and was amused to see it was on my birthday! ;P hahaha
    I guess it’s a bit late to welcome you, eh? hehehe

    Well, you’ve gained another reader 😉 x

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